Intimate Enemies charms audiences in Algiers

A preview screening of Intimate Enemies was held in Algeria on February 13, hosted by Damia Films/MD Cine, with support from Unifrance.

This screening brought a symbolic end to the film’s international promotional campaign.

A press screening held the previous day attracted journalists from the country’s major media outlets, seen as an encouraging sign for growing interest in the film and its subject.

Intimate Enemies’ director Florent Emilio Siri and its lead actor Benoît Magimel, accompanied by their producers François Kraus and Denis Pineau-Valencienne, gave numerous interviews with representatives from local media including El Khabar, L’Expression, La Tribune, and El Massa.
At 7 p.m. the interviewees were joined by eight Algerian actors from the film’s cast (Salem Ait Ali Belkacem, Hassib Boukellal, Saïd Debiane, Lounès and Saïd Djili, Kamel Machène, Lounes Tazairt, and Gigi Terekmani) to present the film in a preview screening in the main theater of the IBN Zeydoun cinema complex (500 seats).

Audiences gave the film a warm reception, reassuring their concerns about a wide-screen portrayal of an episode of recent history close to their hearts. After the screening, they participated in a discussion session with members of the film’s creative crew, who, clearly mindful of the film’s sensitive themes, expressed their relief at the positive reactions to the film.