Ventana Sur



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Ventana Sur


    Ventana Sur is the most important market of audiovisual content in Latin America, and it is a must in the schedule of distributors and buyers from the international industry.

    Organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and Marché du Film – Cannes Film Festival, VS brings together all the different players from the audiovisual industry to promote international co-production, financing and distribution of Latin American content.

    The event welcomes more than 3000 accredited participants every year, including more than 250 buyers and sellers from the five continents, and representatives from the most important networks and international platforms. In the market, they can meet with content producers in business conferences, pitching sessions and one-on-one meetings; they will also have access to roundtables, specific actions for producers with projects in development, workshops, talks, and conferences about current topics, with a vision of the future.

    With a modern infrastructure, the event allows buyers to see more than 300 Argentine and Latin American recent productions included in the Video Library, as well as about 150 screenings in large-screen theaters.

    Throughout the different sections, such as Primer Corte, Copia Final, Blood Window, Animation!, Fiction Factory, Incubadora and Proyecta, and activities and services such as conferences, screenings and the Video Library, Ventana Sur promotes Latin American content of all genres (Fiction, Docs, Animation, Fantasy, Latin American Queer) and formats, providing a wide range of business possibilities and promotion, unique in the region.


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