Trouville Off-Courts Film Festival - 2018

Trouville Off-Courts Film Festival

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Trouville Off-Courts Film Festival - 2018

    プレゼンテーション:第 2018 回


    An unmissable meeting in the network of short film festivals, Off-courts celebrates its 19th meeting  France / Quebec in 2018.

    Competitions, screenings, concerts, creative laboratories, exhibitions, workshops, debates : neophytes, curious, enthusiasts and professionals meet at the seaside for a week of meetings, discoveries and collaborative practices.

    Articulated around the next generation, the festival aims to make interact all the disciplines around short film in order to create, in real time, during eight days, artistic works. Centred France / Québec, the event is now international and brings together professionals from many countries every year to present a multidisciplinary, avant-gardist and friendly event.

    All the programming of the event is free and open to the public.

    The screenings are accessible, free of charge, on tickets - to be remove at the reception of the Village Off.

    The festival Off-Courts is:

    • screenings of short films, in competition or non-competitive section at the Cinemobile - free and open to all, on presentation of tickets to be collected at the reception of the Village Off;

    • The Village Off, host of the festival and theater of creation laboratories and workshops - free and open to all;

    • Trouville's international short film market - only for the accredited professionals;

    • festive nights of concerts facing the sea at the short-lived room;

    • exhibitions and events in the town of Trouville-sur-mer.

    But also: outdoor screenings, cartes blanches, Kino-Kabarets evenings, participative and image education workshops for all ages, meetings, debates and master classes with professionals and film-concerts ...

    ​A full week around short film, dedicated to creation and multidisciplinary emergence.


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