Rwanda: from Ashes to Miracle

Rwanda: from Ashes to Miracle

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Rwanda: from Ashes to Miracle


    Through the eyes of Sonia Rolland, a first-person documentary about the actress' country of birth: Rwanda. This small Central African country, sadly famous for having been the territory of one of the most extensive genocides in history, in twenty years has become one of the hopes of the African continent. Indeed, all the development indices (economy, health, education) are clearly progressing, the country is unified and peaceful, and its leaders' objective is to make Rwanda the Singapore of Africa. Therefore, a question arises, how is this possible? How did Rwanda go from genocidal horror to being the good pupil of the black continent? What policy has been pursued to achieve this result? Sonia Rolland interviews the different actors and observers of this new Rwanda: ministers, journalists, farmers, foreign experts. This documentary finally brings a fresh look at this country that has achieved a surprising reconstruction.


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    • タイプ : 短編映画
    • ジャンル : ドキュメンタリー
    • テーマ : 教育, 社会, 裁判
    • 言語 : フランス語, 英語, キンヤラワンダ語
    • 出身 : フランス, ベルギー
    • Original French-language productions : 不明
    • 製作国 : 大部分フランス (フランス, ベルギー)
    • 製作年 : 2014
    • 上映時間 : 53 分 41 秒
    • ニュメロ·デ Visa : 145.449
    • ビザ発行日 : 08/11/2016
    • 生産のフォーマット : HD
    • カラータイプ : カラー
    • 画面セット : 16/9
    • Audio format : ステレオ
    • 禁止 : なし


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